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Lauren Henderson


Described as "somewhere between a comforting whisper and a cogent declaration" by The New York Times, Lauren Henderson's music resonates with listeners around the world.  Recently featured in The Financial Times, breaking the Jazz Charts Top 5, and the Year-End Jazz Week Top 50 (2020) Henderson's eclectic vocal influences spread across genres producing a distinct yet versatile sound. 

Lauren Henderson uncovers the layers of her diverse background in English and Spanish.  Her compositions paint stories reflecting journeys imposed through the African Disapora inconnection to Henderson's Panamaian, Montserration and vast Caribbean roots as they interplay with her North African upbringing. 

Jazz, Latin Jazz, Flamenco, R&B and Soul music roots aid in an exploration of culture, society, race relations and the complexities encountered as we navigate life's obstacles. 

Recently featured as the cover photo of Spotify's Vocal Jazz playlist, Lauren Henderson has performed in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Norway, Russia, Mexico and South Africa, living up to her growing reputation as a "vibrant star singer." - Downbeat Magazine

Tags: Jazz, Vocal, Latin, Bilingual, Black American Music


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